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Children’s Advocate & Disaster Expert

Children are the bellwethers of any society. If they thrive, we all do. If they are vulnerable so is our collective future.

Ending poverty, ensuring rapid return to normalcy after major disasters, assuring access to quality health care and a good education, opening full and equitable opportunities to thrive, building resilience, and supporting families are the pathways we must create.
— Irwin Redlener

Irwin Redlener has dedicated his life to helping vulnerable at-risk children survive and thrive. Whether as a highly accomplished pediatrician caring for children with life-threatening illness, founder of the Children’s Health Fund, creator of a state-of-the-art New York City Children’s Hospital, or advocating on behalf of the growing numbers of children in crisis, his creative strategies have made him a sought after thought leader and speaker for media, educational organizations and political forums. He is one of America’s leading child advocates.

Irwin also devotes his energies educating the nation about the need to be prepared for the increasing number of natural and man-made disasters that threaten our cities and citizens and promoting the best methods to affect a full and speedy recovery post-disaster, particularly for children.


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By Irwin Redlener

The Future of Us

Raymond is a talented young artist who carries his work from homeless shelter to homeless shelter in a tattered bag but has never even been inside a museum. He is emblematic of the children that the renowned pediatrician and children’s advocate Irwin Redlener has met over the course of his long and colorful career. Inadequate education, barriers to health care, and crushing poverty make it overwhelmingly difficult for many children to realize their dreams.

In this memoir, Redlener draws on poignant personal experiences to investigate the nation’s healthcare safety net and special programs that are designed to protect and nurture our most vulnerable kids, but that too often fail to do so.  He also details his work on: USA for Africa, the star-studded humanitarian relief effort that brought together legends Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles; co-founding the Children’s Health Fund with legendary singer songwriter Paul Simon; and his adventures with national and world leaders, including his eight-hour dinner with Fidel Castro.

Americans At Risk

This important book offers a compelling narrative about our nation’s inability to properly plan for large-scale disasters and proposes changes that can still be made to assure the safety of its citizens.

Years after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and a growing number of disasters, it is painfully clear that the government’s emergency response capacity is plagued by incompetence and a paralyzing bureaucracy. Redlener brings his years of experience with disasters and health care crises, national and international, to an incisive analysis of why our health care system, our infrastructure, and our overall approach to disaster readiness have left the nation vulnerable, virtually unable to respond effectively to catastrophic events. He has had frank, and sometimes shocking, conversations about the failure of systems during and after disasters with a broad spectrum of people—from hospital workers and FEMA officials to Washington policy makers and military leaders. He concludes with a real prescription: a nine-point proposal for how America can be better prepared as well as an addendum of what citizens themselves can do.

By Irwin Redlener