The Trump Administration Is the Worst for Children in the Country’s History

From the immoral border policy to the environment to the effects of the shutdown and more, the Trump administration has all but declared war on vulnerable children.

It was already clear that Donald Trump’s policies, actions, and words have put millions of children at risk. But although the longest government shutdown in American history is coming to an end, this nearly 40 day financial crisis added a whole new dimension to the challenges facing children living in poor, working poor, and even many middle-class families.

It has become undeniable that after only two years, the Trump administration is already showing itself to be the most anti-child of any presidency in memory.

Let’s start before the shutdown, with the forcible separation of migrant children from their parents that began last spring under the administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. This policy was intended to deter people seeking asylum or work in the United States. Based on abject cruelty and eventually retracted after a massive public outcry, it traumatized thousands of children, even as the policy actually failed to deter immigration attempts.