How Florida is Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Dr, Irwin Redlener, joined MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss how well prepared Florida is for the incoming hurricane as well as how Tropical Storm Dorian tested Puerto Rico’s recovery since Hurricane Maria.

How Today's Measles Outbreak Compares To Another In NYC In The Early '90s

The nationwide measles outbreak is the largest in recent memory. But back in the early 1990s, thousands of people, mostly in large cities, got measles and nearly 100 died.

The Legal Consequences of Child Abuse By Government

Dr. Redlener joins Brian Lehrer of WNYC to talk about the psychological trauma and effects on immigrant children that have been separated from their families and why it constitutes "child abuse and neglect by government," which could lead to legal consequences.

Dramatic rescue underway for trapped Thai soccer team

A dramatic rescue is underway to free the remaining children trapped in that flooded cave in Thailand. Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi speak with NBC Correspondents Bill Neely and Matt Bradley and the Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, Dr. Irwin Redlener about this race against the clock.

Salon Talks: Children’s health care in crisis

From limited access to health care, to contaminated drinking water and the growing opioid epidemic, America’s health is constantly being threatened and children are often hit the hardest. Co-founder of the Children's Health Fund and public health activist Dr. Irwin Redlener joins Salon’s Amanda Marcotte to discuss his new book, “The Future of Us: What the Dreams of Children Mean for Twenty-First-Century America,” and the biggest threats to children’s health today.

The Doctor's Office

Nuclear war. Jimmy Kimmel. Lionel Richie. What do these things have in common? Dr. Irwin Redlener. Columbia's Acacia O'Connor takes you inside the doctor's office on this episode of The Low Down.

Redlener is director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at The Earth Institute, co-founder -- along with Paul Simon -- of Children's Health Fund, a professor of health policy and management, and professor of pediatrics at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center. He works the biggest of big issues: from hurricanes and the refugee crisis to access to health care and education. He recently wrote a memoir, The Future of Us, published by Columbia University Press.

Why Child Homelessness Is Growing In NYC

Dr. Irwin Redlener, one of NYC’s leading child advocates, joins the Leonard Lopate Show to discuss his new book The Future of Us: What the Dreams of Children Mean for Twenty-First-Century America. He addresses the growing crisis of child homelessness in New York City, and argues that it will only get worse if President Trump's proposed budget cuts and threats to restructure Medicaid become reality.

Dreams deferred: Dr. Irwin Redlener makes a case for fulfilling all kids' dreams

William wouldn't show his eyes.

The guarded, gaunt 10-year-old gazed at the floor of Dr. Irwin Redlener’s mobile pediatric unit parked in his Brooklyn neighborhood, answering the pediatrician's questions in monosyllables.

Then Redlener, who dreamed up the mobile unit — a big blue bus — with his wife, Karen, and singer-songwriter Paul Simon to bring health care to the inner-city poor, asked William what he calls “the big question”: What do you want to be when you grow up?

The Health and Well-Being of Children

Irwin Redlener talks with Brian Lehrer about his life and work dedicated to removing barriers for children to realize their potential, from healthcare to education, and discusses the recent disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico, as well as the current efforts to repeal the ACA.

Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Prepare for Nuclear Attack

In response to recent sanctions, North Korea threatened to cause the United States 'the greatest pain and suffering it has gone through in its entire history.' It's not something to be taken lightly - they do have nuclear weapons and an unpredictable dictator running things. Jimmy likes to be prepared in situations like this and we hear a lot about what to do in an earthquake but not much about how to deal with a nuclear attack. So we got in touch with Dr. Irwin Redlener who is the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University. Jimmy brought Guillermo along to meet him so they can be prepared when disaster strikes